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Complete range of machines for the production of books, both in hard and soft cover. Designed for short and medium runs, they are ideal for the “book-on-demand” and digital print finishing processes, for short-run bookbindery and for lay-flat photo-books.

Casemakers for short and medium run production of binders, book covers and paper-over-board items
• Fits into confined space
• One operator only
• Fast or no setup
• Precision and quality are guaranteed
• Practic versatile and always ready-to-use



lpa4.jpg Q-COVER START
Edge turner with vacuum table and guides for spotting the boards on the glued sheet.
Suitable for customers who already have gluer and nip-roller.
• High quality products with a low investment



lpa2.jpg Q-COVER TWO
It turns-in two sides in one pass.
The other two sides are turned-in with a second pass, output on collector table or to the operator.
• Fast and accurate



It turns-in one side at a time and folds the corners automatically.
The cover is then passed into the nip-roller, output on collector table.
• Available versions for big sizes



lpa3.jpg Q-COVER FOUR
It turns in all four sides in one pass.
Output on collector table or to the operator for an immediate view of the finished product.
• Highly productive
Q-Case Qcrease Q-CASE
Casing-in machine for books, agendas, photo albums, photo books
- Manual book block feeding
- Cover support and guide
- Automatic casing in
• No change over
• Simple, precise and fast
• Does not require skilled personnel
• It automatically adapts to books of different thickness and size
Q-Finish Qcrease Q-FINISH
Integrated hydraulic press and joint forming machine
- Automatic book input and output
- High hydraulic pressure
- Heated plates and blades, with separate timers
- Adjustable pressure and temperature
• No change over time
• Book is perfectly finished in one pass
Q-Crease Qcrease Q-CREASE
Programmable Creaser
This machine performs creasing on paper and board up to 500 g/sm:
brochures, perfect-binding book-covers, booklets, etc.
- The programs can be set, stored and recalled in a few seconds
- Atod-feed between the dragging rollers, fibre-optic sensor to detect sheet
- Computer-controlled creasing positions
• Up to over 2400 pcs/h
• Set-up in less than one minute: ideal even for minimum quantities
• Creasing is always perfect regardless of grain direction
Q-Press Qcrease Q-PRESS
Hydraulic press for bookbinding, for pressing books or binders.
Thanks to a unique double effect system, a work area is under pressure,
while the opposite plate is free to be loaded.
• Contained overall dimensions
• Non-stop working and top quality books

Q-Joint Qcrease Q-JOINT
Joint forming machine, to prepare the opening joint between the cover and the spine of the book
- Electrically heated blades with thermo-control
- Versions with treadle or pneumatic operation
- Auto-cycle device for the pneumatic version, allows adjustment of pressure time (optional)
• Fast and accurate
• Contained dimensions
Q-Bind Qcrease Q-BIND
Single clamp perfect binder to produce single sheet books and photobooks with any material.
It is equipped with an innovative device to apply PUR and HOT MELT glue both on the spine
and on the sides of the book.
- Contained and optimized dimensions
- Guarantees top quality also for short runs
- Fitted with all features of bigger perfect binding machines
• Separate melting units for PUR / HOT MELT glue and cleaner
• Milling and notching, can be excluded for sewn books
• Waste aspirator
• Press (can be excluded) with variable times that can be set by touch-screen
• Glue stops and book thickness can be set by touch-screen
• Working programs can be stored
• Glue temperature independent for melter and gluing unit, they can be set by touch-screen
Q-Band Qcrease Q-BAND
Machine to apply the headband to the book spine.
The application is made by double-sided tape.
- Always ready to use, requires no cleaning
• Fast size change over.
Single head, table top.
Double head, on stand.

Q-Round Qcrease Q-ROUND
Rounding machine for bookblocks.
- Rotating jaws
- Spring-loaded lower frame
- Motorized thickness adjustment
- Both jaws are fine-striped, to improve the gripping on the book back
• Robust and reliable
Q-Cut Qcrease Q-CUT
Guillotina a motor.
Alta precisió i preu contingut
Premsa manual, indicadora de la mesura per a un tall més precis.
Premsa automàtica, programador de mesures per a un fucnionament eficient.
M-Flat Qcrease M-FLAT
Working station for the production of photobooks with self adhesive film
- Creaser
- Accurate spotting guides
- Press to finish the book block
• Practic and versatile
• Does not require skilled personnel
• It can be delivered together with a LYNX gluer, to produce photobooks with PVA glue
M-Case Qcrease M-CASE
Double gluing machine to case-in books. It glues the book in one pass, to manually fit the hard-cover
- Double-roller gluing system for a perfect smearing
- Gluing units with compensation for the different thickness
- Long lasting guaranteed by the use of rust-proof materials
• Fast change-over
• Suitable for any production requirement
• Practic and versatile
M-Press H Qcrease M-PRESS H
Hydraulic press for bookbindery, to press cased-in books or paper-over-board binders
- Adjustable pressure with manometer indicator
- Support height-frame for simple effect versions
• High load capacity
• Finished books of excellent quality
M-Press S Qcrease M-PRESS S
Manual medium-size book-press, for casing-in books and diaries, and for other bookbindery works
- Pressing hand-wheel with percussion device to multiply the force applied
- Cast iron structure
• High pressure with minimum effort
• Strength and long life
M-Press M Qcrease M-PRESS M
Manual bookbindery press, versatile and easy to use, for the casing-in of books and diaries
- Pressure hand-wheel at a fixed height
- Cast-iron and steel structure
• Practic and versatile
• The highest pressure with the lowest effort
M-Cut Qcrease M-CUT
Table-top handle guillotine, ideal for bookbindery WORKSHOPS, print-shops and offices.
- Fully cast iron structure
- Support height-frame (optional)
• The cleanest cut with the lowest effort
• Great cutting thickness
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